Cleaning and Care

The great thing about silk flowers is you don't have to water them and they won't wilt.........BUT there is a small amount of love and attention that you should try and give them:

Optimum environment:

Due to the delicate nature of our real touch flowers (lilies, orchids and roses), it should be noted that they will discolour over time. We advise that the white flowers (orchids and lilies) will show the discolouration quicker, which can be from 4 months if more exposed to the elements, but should still look good for at least one year.

We have a number of clients who have kept their flowers for 2 years. However, we offer 20% discount to replace all real touch flowers within the first year of purchase.

Generally we would recommend avoiding excess heat or sunlight. They should also not be in a hot and humid environment for prolonged periods of time - if the A.C is on or there is fresh air circulating then the risks of mould or discolouration are significantly reduced.  

The other flowers should also be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid any discolouration.

Adjusting the length:

The best way to do this is by bending the stems, so that if you decide to change the vase at a later date, you are not restricted by a short length. However, continually bending and unbending the stems will result in them snapping.  

For a more permanent solution, use garden secateurs to make an initial cut through the wire and then bend back and forth until the wire snaps.

Putting your flowers in water:

This is fine for small amounts of time (i.e 24-48hrs when you have guests over or a party) but there is always a risk that the plastic around the stem deteriorates and in some cases the water is discoloured by the stem.  At your own risk!

Cleaning your flowers:

Real touch flowers need to be handled with care. They are made from a delicate material and if lots of people touch them (to see how real they feel!), there is a risk that dirt accumulates and little brown spots can appear. We find it's best to brush the petals gently with a baby's soft hairbrush to remove any dust or dirt particles.  A tiny bit of clear cleansing soap and water on a soft cloth can sometimes help remove any 'stains' but go very gently.

All of the other flowers can also be brushed or you can now buy a special cleaning spray for artificial flowers - when we last checked, Spotlight was selling some (Plaza Singapura, Dhoby Gaut).  We would not advise using this spray on any real-touch flowers. 

Transporting your flowers:

We often have people asking how to take/pack a bunch of our flowers abroad. The best is to put them in some sort of cardboard box so they don't get squashed and damaged. If you are really desperate you can try your luck and carefully pack them in your suitcase - many an attempt has succeeded!  

Alternatively you can take the flowers as hand luggage, please contact us and we will do our best to provide travel-friendly packaging. 



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