How to unwind at the end of day

How to unwind at the end of day

Curbing boredom, coming up with new activities to entertain the kids, balancing home schooling and full time work, whatever it is you are juggling or not during lockdown, it is important that we all try and find ‘our space’’ in which to unwind.    

With two young children at home, starting Silk Flowers Singapore and having my own bedroom taken over as an office by my husband, my own space, sanctuary of escape has vanished! So I ask myself, how do people unwind at the end of the day without reaching for a much needed drink?! I decide to turn to my sister who having launched her nightware brand Iona Debarge a few years ago now, has spent a lot of time researching on how to unwind and relax at the end of the day.

Here are a few of Iona’s top 5 tips on helping us unwind and ending the day in a less stressful manner and helping us wake up feeling more refreshed.



1-  When dusk starts to settle and you have finished your work and are about to make that transition into the evening and start cooking – I recommend sitting quietly for 5 to 10 minutes and meditate just as the light begins to change and there’s a shift from afternoon into evening. It’s important to process your day and acknowledge the end of it and let go of your day’s stresses before your evening begins.

2- I also love a bath with epsom salts or a warm shower this helps relax the muscles in your body and in turn will calm the mind.

3-  Changing into something you love, something fresh and breathable like my white Hardy pima cotton pyjamas always makes me feel good and ready to settle into the evening. It’s important to create a transition ritual to sleep and changing into sleep clothes for bedtime is key as it sends the right signals to our brain.

4-It’s amazing how what you eat before bed effects how you wake up in the mornning so eat something light, delicious and healthy- lots of greens and fresh food. It will give you far more energy in the morning and you’ll wake up thinking clearly and feeling great.

5- I’d recommend not looking at your phone after 9pm- I think it’s a time for you; either to relish a book, talk to your partner and really cherish your evening and what surrounds you without interruption.

And to end these relaxing tips, we want to ask you a few quick questions ourselves:

  1. Sweet or Savoury? Sweet
  2. Pyjamas or Nightie? Pyjamas
  3. Sunset or sunrise? Sunset
  4. Beach or mountains? Beach
  5. Beauty must have? Mascara by Lancome
  6. Favourite Sport? Swimming
  7. Have you taken up any new hobby during CB? Meditation
  8. Current book your reading? Three women by Lisa Taddeo
  9. Current show you are watching? Hollywood on netflix
  10. Favourite flower (we had to ask!)? I think Peonies have definitely stood out for me this summer!

For more tips on how to unwind and bedtime clothing take a look at:








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