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A slightly different Mother's Day

Both as working mums, we at Silk Flowers Singapore, have found it's been tricky recently to distinguish between weekdays and weekends (apart from zoom call changes from school/colleagues to family/friends). We have been trying to keep ourselves as distracted as possible, trying not to think about the weekends away or long lunches with friends we usually would have had during the recent public holidays. And now another annual event, Mother's Day, is upon us. So how can we set this day apart from others? 

Clearly we are not going to be trying out a new restaurant or relaxing in a spa. But with a bit of creativity we can find our little moment of calm today. A chance to draw breath and just be still for a moment - even if it is just five minutes peace!

Breakfast in bed

There is something a little bit naughty and carefree about eating breakfast in bed. A croissant, some coffee, granola, a bowl of fruit and of course some flowers is enough to make any Mother happy. Especially if your family have actually woken up early enough to prepare it for you (just don't think about the state of the kitchen). It is a chance to take your time over savouring your cup of tea and maybe even reading the sunday papers - pure luxury.

Long bath

Taking a long bath feels so wonderful and is so good for the soul. Turn on your favourite podcast (I have been enjoying the guilty feminist), light a candle, dim the lights, and breathe. Just do not forget to lock the door before the rest of the family shatter the illusion of calm.

Reading a book

One of the New Year resolutions I set this year was to read a new book every month. After reading five books in as many weeks at the start of the year I have slowed down a bit. I will be using this weekend to start my book for May - Topics of Conversation by Miranda Popkey is top of my list.

Relaxing with a cocktail

In our house, my husband is brilliant at fixing a drink in the evening which has been happening a bit more than normal recently. Last night he created a new twist on the standard Gin & Tonic with an extra shot of campari and zest of grapefruit peel. Really delicious and would recommend giving it a go if you're running out of ideas for a new drink. If not, this is the perfect time to get creative!

So lots of ideas on how to make today special. It is not an easy time for anyone, but we are safe at home and in this together.

Happy Mother's Day!


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