How to style your flowers

How to style your flowers

Whilst we have both had varied careers leading up to us setting up Silk Flowers Singapore, flower arranging and interior design has been prevalent in both our families growing up.

My mother has been flower arranging most of her life, from small to large events, I have always grown up with flowers all around the house. I have fond memories of even making my own bouquets with left over flowers as a little girl. In this article, I have gathered the best tips my mother has taught me over the years about arranging flowers in a vase.

We can take your arrangement from this:

To this:

Here are a few tips:

Step 1 - Picking your stems

  • Decide the colour scheme and type of flowers you want, taking into account which are most likely to suit your chosen vase. You should aim to include a mix of:
    • Statement flowers - Using an odd number of flowers in an arrangement gives a more pleasing and natural look. This is particularly so if you are only using a few
    • Filler flowers - smaller flower heads to compliment the statement flowers such as our viburnum
    • Foliage - adds height and body to the arrangement
  • If you are looking to create an arrangement, we recommend that you choose flowers which either compliment or even clash in style and colour. But remember that not every stem has to take centre stage. 
  • Try to pick a mixture of flowers that have different heights and texture. 

 Step 2 - Preparing your arrangement

  • It is best to style each stem as you go to make the arrangement look more realistic, and if you are preparing a more permanent display, you can always use wire cutters to trim the ends
  • Place the vase in situ as you arrange to ensure the finished arrangement is right in terms of height and width

 Step 3 - Styling your arrangement  

  • Try distributing the flowers and greenery evenly throughout the arrangement.
  • While arranging remember the golden rule of 'Triangles' - i.e. the statement flowers should roughly create a triangle shape. This only needs to be loosely applied but gives far more symmetrical and pleasing arrangement.

If you still need some help, then please get in touch with us regarding our At Home service – we can come to your home and help you style the flowers in situ. We love a challenge in creating a bespoke arrangement!

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