large hydrangea and lily arrangement

Symbolism of flowers

Most people are aware of the main symbolism of flowers such as roses for love, but where did this all start?

Dopamine (a ‘happy brain chemical’) is triggered by the expectation of a reward. In the world when our ancestors brains were evolving, flowers were a huge reward signal as bright colours signalled valuable nutrition for our hunter-gather ancestors especially after long winters. Today we have enough to eat all year round so we don’t always consciously link flowers with food.  But the blossoming of a flower still triggers the sense that something special is coming as it will still trigger dopamine. In addition, flowers apparently also help stimulate Oxytocin, often called the ‘bonding hormone’ & serotonin, by stimulating a sense of pride that our mammal brains are looking for.

During this uncertain time and the prospect of being locked up at home until this virus is under control, we at Silk Flowers Singapore have been searching for positive symbols as much as possible! Which of our flowers should you been looking at in this uncertain time to provide you with the signs of hope we all need right now?


In China, the hydrangea is associated with enlightenment. It is said that when observing the plant, someone can get lost in its abundance of beautiful petals very easily. Our gorgeous arrangement of hydrangeas and eucalyptus might just be what your looking for.


The delicate flowers of lilacs are associated with the beginning of love, spirituality and importantly for those homeschooling or working from home - tranquility. Try adding our Laura arrangement onto your desk to channel that inner peace.

Birds of Paradise

Probably one of the most vibrant coloured flowers in the world, these flowers symbolize joyfulness. Where there is much uncertainty, these flowers also represent wonderful anticipation. Pair these stunning Birds of Paradise with some of our realistic palm leaves and brighten up your space during this current circuit break and increase your dopamines!


Whilst more commonly known as a symbol for exotic beauty, they also symbolise thoughtfulness and mature charm. These realistic orchids look great anywhere in the home and help create a calm space. 


Our new champion rose is a delicate yellow. The yellow rose is symbolic for friendship, new beginnings and unrestrained joy. If you know anyone who might need cheering up then send one of these sweet roses in a glass vase to show you care.

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